A dog treat manifesto

  1. Dull minds (not just cats) are the enemy. Uninspired thinking, standard practice, pulls us back into the jaws of everyday, two-a-penny brands. The brown bone is a symbol of everything we are not. Stay focused and do not slip into mediocrity.
  2. Different, inventive, ‘that’s amazing’ ideas drive us. This is our starting point, and we won’t be distracted, not even by a provocative squirrel. Stick to the path and avoid chasing fruitless causes.
  3. Take action. Don’t masticate; swallow. We make decisions, not PowerPoint decks. 
  4. Move quickly, don’t allow the naysayers to start sowing the seeds of doubt. The generic brown bone, the easy options — they’re the lazy decisions that will quickly destroy our DNA.
  5. We love a good stick and the trees that they fell from.
  6. At one with nature, let’s put the planet first. Make a stand against waste, pollution, suffering, and the plundering of the world’s resources.
  7. Love. Dogs can’t hide it, wearing their hearts on a wag of a tail. We need to be as transparent. Love what we do, and every word, every product, every action will be an expression of our passion. 
  8. Never be obvious, but here’s the thing — don’t say, do.
  9. Use all our senses. We have five; some have six (big up, Cole Sear). Let’s learn from dogs — their most acute senses — nose and ears. Read the room and listen. 
  10. The fang. It’s our bat-signal, a superhero of a dog brand: mouthy, sharp and quick-witted. W’ZIS is here to put some life back into the pet category — sniff it, lick it, bite it.

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