Nutty Dubya Groove

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Size: Thick Dubya (4X65g chews)



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About W’ZIS Reward Treats

Only 1 calorie per treat

Rattle the tin and call W’ZIS. Screw closed for an airtight fit.
Keeping the freshness in and inquisitive noses at bay.

<strong>What&rsquo;s a W&rsquo;ZIS Dubya Groove?</strong> Well, it&rsquo;s a &lsquo;W&rsquo; shaped chew, and it has a groove in it &ndash; no poop Sherlock. The Groove&rsquo;s primary function is to aid your pooch&rsquo;s ability to pick it up. The second is an aperture for carrying an additional treat. Load it up with dog-friendly cream cheese or peanut butter, and your friend for life is about to submit a request to The Palace regarding your long-overdue knighthood. During our very scientific tests, this is the one that drove the W&rsquo;ZIS doggos to distraction: Greta buried it, Marmite&rsquo;s (and we&rsquo;re not kidding) eyes turned a piercing red, ready to emit a searing death-ray to any potential threat. So BEWARE, it&rsquo;s a treat to be taken seriously.

Dog Damn Tasty

Enthusiatic Obsession 90% of the Time

100% Natural

Healthy Plant Based Treats

Nose Twitchin’ Smell

Smells Good + No Greasy Residue

Approx 100 Treats

A Lot of Treatin’. Not Many Calories