The Big W’huna Bundle

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Wahuuuu-na! Show ‘em who’s boss (the dog, obviously) with our biggest and best value bundle.

If your dog can’t get enough of W’ZIS, stock up ’n’ save on a big ol’ variety box of dog treats and chews.

You’ll get a grand total of 16 Dubyas, 24 Fangs and 600 treats to keep filling up your tin.

That’s a whole lotta treats. What a good dog.

Variety is the spice of life

  • 6 Mixed Refill Pack
  • 8 Smoky Dubyas
  • 8 Nutty Dubyas
  • 12 Smoky Dental Fangs
  • 12 Fruity Fresh Dental Fangs

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About W’ZIS Reward Treats

Only 1 calorie per treat

Dispatch your treats in style. Rewarding treats available in refillable tins and plastic free dispensing boxes