Treat Buster

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Sample everything we have on the menu. It’s the ultimate tasting box for the discerning canine foodie to sniff out their favourite W’ZIS.

Take their chops on a culinary adventure of chewy textures and flavours dogs love: postmen, lamp posts and slippers.

For starters, a little morsel on which to munch. Our bite-sized W treats in our handy Grab&Go boxes - perfect for rattling ’n’ hollering ‘W’ZIS’?.

And of course you’ll get one of our treat tins (a full one, no less) so you can experience the full effect of the iconic W’ZIS Shake.

Never tried our chews? Let your dog choose. We’re serving up a sampling selection of Dubyas and Fangs to put to the test before investing in a full pack.

A little bit of everything 

  • 4 Grab & Go
  • 4 Nutty Dubyas
  • 4 Smoky Dubyas
  • 6 Smoky Fangs
  • 6 Fruity Fangs
  • 1 full tin of Postman & Roast


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About W’ZIS Reward Treats

Only 1 calorie per treat

Dispatch your treats in style. Rewarding treats available in refillable tins and plastic free dispensing boxes