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Low Fat Dog Treats

When you have a very good dog, you've got a lot of rewarding to do.

These healthy little morsels are low in fat and sugar, and only contain 1 calorie per treat, so you can afford to be generous.

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Healthy never tasted so good...

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Your flavours are funny, but what do they actually taste like?

We named our treats after W'ZIS O.D (original dawg) Greta's favourite things.

Postman & Roast is a smoky bbq flavour, smells just like a certain retro bacon flavour crisp. Made with tomato, pumpkin and sweet potato.

Lamp Post & Chips is a subtler fruity flavour and has a rosy hue thanks to the purple sweet potato.

Slipper & Biscuit is for the peanut butter lovers. Made with Broccoli, Apple and Peanut Butter.

How many calories are in your treats?

Our small ‘W’ treats are just 1 calorie each meaning you can reward generously.

The Dubyas and Fangs are larger and approx. 80 calories, so we recommend no more than one chew a day (or half for small dogs)

What's the fat content in your treats?

Less than 10% fat is considered a low fat diet for a dog. 12% of calories should be obtained from fats, equivalent to 5% of crude fat in dry food. Our treats contain less than 1% fat, making them perfect for training, avoiding weight gain or fat-related conditions like pancreatitis.

Can I give them to my puppy?

Our treats are suitable for puppies from 4 months (16 weeks) old.

Are your treats suitable for dogs with pancreatitis?

Our treats and chews are very low in fat, and a fantastic choice for dogs who are prone to pancreatitis. But if you are unsure, please do check with your vet.

Are your treats suitable for dogs with dietary issues?

You will always need to consult your vet if you have any doubts, but generally, our treats are popular with dog owners whose pooches have allergies, kidney issues or other sensitivities to food.

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