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Our dog-eyed view of the world

The majority of products available to you and your dogs are unimaginative, low cost, low value, generic poop. We say NO! to dull, brown and bone-shaped treats.

An assault on your senses

  • Bright colours (all natural)
  • Crazy shapes (not a bone shape in sight)
  • Y’hear me? Just say the name and shake the tin

Say it, and they will come

A meatless, never tasteless treat

  • Better for your dog and the planet
  • Less smelly in you bag, pocket and on your fingers
  • We imagine that chickens and cows will be pleased you chose W’ZIS

SOS! Help save us from ourselves

By subscribing, you will help the three founders join their lonely fourth by quitting their day jobs and focussing their full pooch energy on the world of W’ZIS.

With your support, we will be better able to plan our stock ordering, sales and distribution. This in turn will let us grow and commit ourselves fully to delivering our 5P’s to the world – Pooch Power, Paw Pumps and Peace. You’ll be part of the journey and our promise to you is that we’ll never forget this or take advantage. Forever thankful: big, sloppy face-licks.

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All our subscription packages are priced at 15% below retail price. We save on marketing costs and we pass it on to you. Simples.

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For the love of W’ZIS we want you to stay, but we always strive to make things easy. That’s why we have no minimum period.  

Random acts of kindness

We like to put it about. From freebies to exclusive invites to subscriber-only limited editions. Fancy some? Well, join us in the fun.

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A big thank you from the W’ZIS team

Greta + Russ

Pepper + Founder 2

Marmite + Founder 3

Dave + Founder 4