Treats without meat

A healthy, low calorie and plant-based selection of goodies for your dogs to chomp away on.
Dental Fang Chews
Make those nashers shine with our tooth friendly Fang shaped chew
Dubya Groove
A longer-lasting chew with added bonus of a fillable groove.
Dubya Lights
Smear it or just chew it. The Dubya Lights is a unique treat for your doggo to stick their teeth into
Fang Chews
Our unique Fang chew that will drive your doggo wild
Tin and Lamp Post & Chips Refills
A lamp post without the fear of electrocution. 600 tasty plant based morsels
Tin and Mixed Refills
600 treats to refill your all of your tins. Twice
Tin and Slipper & Biscuit Refills
Save your comfy mules! 600 slipper flavoured treats, the perfect decoy
Tin and Postman & Roast Refills
A dog's favourite. 600 postman flavoured treats (no real postman were harmed)
Bundle offer: Triple Tin Gift Box
A beautiful gift box containing 3 full tins and 3 refills of our W shaped 1 cal treats