Environmental Policy

Our Pledge

Doing good isn't optional; it's essential. Here's how we're making sustainability a promise and a daily practice.

Plant-Based Perfection

Our treats are crafted from 100% plant-based ingredients. This method is generally resource-efficient, helping us maintain a light ecological footprint without compromising taste.

Zero Plastic Commitment

Refillable tins are our answer to single-use waste. Convenience meets consciousness, ensuring the only thing that lingers is the satisfaction of our treats.

Conscientious Sourcing

Our suppliers are chosen with as much care as our ingredients. It's about sourcing smartly and ethically, ensuring that our footprint is as light as our treats are delightful.

Continuous Evolution

We're never idle. We actively look for ways to improve, whether exploring innovative eco-friendly materials or fine-tuning our existing processes.

A Portion for the Planet

We donate 1% of our revenue to environmental causes. Yes, every single purchase you make doesn't just benefit you; it contributes to a broader, greener purpose.

Engaged & Inclusive

Expect to see us actively involved in community initiatives and sharing valuable knowledge to nurture a more sustainable world.

Your Voice Counts

We invite your input. Please share if you’ve got ideas or feedback on how we can be even more sustainable. Collective wisdom makes for a brighter, more sustainable future.

In Closing

Choosing W’ZIS isn’t just about enjoying premium treats; it's a step towards a more sustainable world. Let's relish each moment responsibly.