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Say my name

Say my name

How not to say our name: Wassis? Wazees? Whatsis? Wazit? Wziz? Wizzys? Weezees? WHAT’S THIS?! What do you say when you give your dog a treat? “W’ZIS?!” The universal language for dog treats. Th...

W'ZIS WayzScratch that hypoallergenic itch

Scratch that hypoallergenic itch

We made it our mission to make hypoallergenic treats that are meat-free, sugar-free, grain-free, gluten-free. Low in fat and low in protein. And light in purine - to ensure no dog left behind.

SustainabilityKeeping it plastic free

Keeping it plastic free

But we love a good stick and the tree it fell from. We love a doggy paddle in the sea. At one with nature, we put the planet first. By keeping W’ZIS plastic free, we have avoided putting 3000 tones...

W'ZIS WayzLet’s address the elephant (or dog) in the room

Let’s address the elephant (or dog) in the room

Dog obesity is a growing trend, but many pet parents are in denial about their pooch's puppy fat. But never fear, mutts with big butts. One calorie treats, low in fat and sugar, so you can treat aw...

W'ZIS WayzLet’s take a trip to DogCat Island…

Let’s take a trip to DogCat Island…

Welcome to DogCat. The world's 5th biggest consumer of Meat. Equivalent to the total meat consumed by the people of Russia, Brazil, the US and China.

W'ZIS WayzPooches powered by plants

Pooches powered by plants

People often ask us “why plant based?” We say: Why the fig not!? You’d give your dog a chunk of carrot, or a tasty blueberry to snack on. So why not a treat without meat?As well as being kinder to ...

Our ProcessColourful, playful, meaningful

Colourful, playful, meaningful

Ban the bone is the mantra we chant when we need to remind ourselves why we created W’ZIS.

Our Story

Our Story

It’s about four dogs, Pepper, Marmite, Greta and fictional Dave. And four miffed dog owners, bored of the day-to-day and uninspired by the dog treats available to us.

TravelA dog treat manifesto - W'ZIS? Dog treats - never brown or bone shaped

A dog treat manifesto

There wasn’t much point in creating W’ZIS without a clear vision of why we’re doing this and where we wanted to take our concept. More than a belief and a point of view — we needed a set of guiding...