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Pooches powered by plants

Pooches powered by plants

People often ask us “why plant based?”

We say: Why the fig not!? 

You’d give your dog a chunk of carrot, or a tasty blueberry to snack on. So why not a treat without meat?

As well as being kinder to the planet (more on our environmental impact here), vegan dog treats are a healthy choice. Lower in fat and calories, you can afford to be generous - perfect for training bribery - without worrying about your pal gaining weight.

So curvaceous canines needn’t worry - but what about those with intolerant tummies?

Well, being plant-based and free from cheap junky cereals, our healthy little morsels are inclusive for dogs with pancreatitis, low-purine diets, and gluten intolerances.

“I have 3 dogs and they love these treats. They are rather picky about treats too. I thought ‘vegan, they won’t eat these’. But they love them! When that tin shakes they come running!”
— Suzy

People say: “…but my dog’s not vegan”

I’m not vegan either, but I still eat vegetables. Plant based treats aren’t just for plant based dogs. They add variety of flavour, texture and, most importantly, nutrients, to any type of balanced doggy diet. 

Our primary ingredient, sweet potato, packs a punch for your pooch’s wellbeing. Vitamin A maintains healthy eyes, muscles, nerves and skin. And, just like us hoomans, Vitamin C helps to boost their doggy immune system. Calcium, potassium, iron and vitamin B6 are also packed into our chewy dubyas - that’s what we call sweet potato flour power!!!

“But dogs are carnivores!” - the naysayers say

We respond with the wise words of Taylor Swift - the haters gonna hate (hate, hate, hate, hate)… but we shake it off with the shake of a W’ZIS tin, because the haters are misinformed.

Dogs are, in fact, omnivores and derive nutrition from both plants and meat. Over the 20-40,000 years that dogs evolved from wolves into the domesticated and doe-eyed furry friends we share our homes and hearts with today; their diets evolved from a predominantly carnivorous one, and they learned to survive off scraps from human settlements. 

Dogs can even thrive on a fully vegan or vegetarian diet if carefully balanced. Just look at Bramble, the vegan Border Collie who lived to over 25 years old - a Guinness World Record holder. 


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