Interested in stocking W’ZIS?

We supply over 200 outlets, and we’re not even a year old. W’ZIS is one of the the fastest growing plant-based dog treat company in the sector.

Our premium brand positioning combined with our high quality packaging makes us perfect for premium pet boutiques and gifting shops.

And our NEW ‘On-the-Go’ range is ideal for pubs, cafes or any destination venue.

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Grab&Go  rrp. £2.50

Tin and Refill  rrp. £9.95

Triple Tin  rrp. £17.95

Smoky Dubya  rrp. £9.95

Nutty Dubya  rrp. £9.95

Oaky Smoky Fang  rrp. £9.95

Fruity Fresh Fang  rrp. £9.95


We sell internationally, across Europe, Asia and North America. If you are interested in joining the movement, then please select the appropriate option below.

Single Store

We use Faire to distribute to a limited number of countries. If you are new to Faire, click here to set up an account.

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Distribute to a region

We offer sole distribution agreements to new territories. 

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Stocked nationwide in shops, cafés, pubs and pet boutiques

Existing stockist looking to re-order?

By far the easiest way to re-order is to use our online portal. You will see your link on your last invoice email or trade newsletter. If you are struggling then please do drop us a line on where we can take your order