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W’ZIS Wayz

Never dull brown or bone-shaped.
Boisterous and bouncy, with a big heart.

Plant Based

Healthy, low fat and grain free. Hello animal and planet-friendly treats

1 Calorie Treats

10% of the UK’s dogs are obese, half are overweight, and sadly it’s a growing trend

Plastic Free

We have avoided putting 3000 tonnes of plastic into the environment


There are 100,000 homeless dogs in the UK. Rehoming just 1 makes a huge difference to that fortunate dog


Our treats are free from allergens. Great for pooches with intolerances

Low Impact

Swapping out meat based treats for meat free saves 3 million tonnes of CO2


Many trainers recommend our treats. Sugar free, low fat and protein equals low calories

Vet Endorsed

Stocked by the RSPCA, PDSA and Europe’s biggest veterinary group INVTA



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We’re here to help, but we’re only a small team. We are normally available Monday to Friday: 9am-5pm.We try to answer within 24h.

Not another Covid start-up

Hold on a minute, I’ve got an idea

Actually, it wasn’t my idea. Drew came up with the idea. Wouldn’t it be fun to leave our jobs and work together on something exciting — how about dog treats?

We both had our dogs, Greta and Pepper and loved all things pooch-based (that’s Greta on the left with me, Russ – hi). We thought it must be a great idea, right?

Where to start? A name, perhaps. Cue an aimless wander through the West Sussex countryside with a good friend, Richard and Bertie the Cocker Spaniel. I left with Richard’s ridiculous recall embedded in my skull. Hold on a flippin’ minute, I’ve got it. WHAT’S THIS?

Off to a flyer

Talking nonsense, to launch in 14 months

The first 4 months were insane. From nothing to launching online and rapid uptake amongst independent retailers. Then, a listing in Liberty London and interest from Oliver Bonas, all before the end of the year.

We were kindly invited to the Superdog Awards. This is Drew, my business partner. He’s about 7’6” or something. Here he is with SuperDog winner Floss.
Floss was called in after a vulnerable lady had been missing for 4 days. After 10 mins searching in an isolated rural area, Floss located the lady unconscious and barely alive.

Newbies on the block

Come on then, let’s go…

You talking at me? Is that delicious-looking Dubya for me?

Connie the Bear refuses to brush her hair. She doesn’t suffer fools. One of a zillion awesome hounds we’ve met so far.

In 2022, we launched pub and café classic Grab&Go, and we saw pooches across the country nibbling away alongside their latte-sipping companions. And we agreed with Oliver Bonas to trial W’ZIS in 6 stores later that year.

A lumpy, bumpy, thrilling ride.

Embracing madness

The year, we trebled our monthly sales online. It’s still a relatively small operation, but the increased logistics and a malfunctioning delivery service presented a few challenges. And we get a nationwide listing with Oliver Bonas. Whoop!

We jokingly teased the idea of treats for cats with W’ZAT? Quite a few retailers bit. We’re not for cats, guys. Pooches are our first and only love.

And we tried bating Volkswagen with our first April Fool’s prank V-DUBYA. They might have fooled us once but rose above our juvenile games. We must try harder with the gags.

2’s company, 4’s the business

Dream Team

Who needs Magic Johnson when you have Rosie and Perry. Both have been pivotal in doubling our head count to from 2 to 4.

More than that they bring their expertise to our marketing and sales respectively. Energy and enthusiasm, smiles, 2 Boston Terriers (that’s Rosie holding Terrence) and some questionable lunch choices.

Winston (Perry’s Boston) declined to be photographed and refused to get off the sofa. He gets that from Perry.

More schnizzle and fizzle

We’ve got treats, they’re multiplying

Every year seems like a big year for W’ZIS. TRUE! Well, this year is going to be HUGE! New ranges, new formats and new territories. And possibly a crowdfund to help this all happen. I know, right!?

Move over BrewDog and your Equity for Punks. Could this be Treatshare for Woofers? Who knows, the name certainly needs work.

One more thing. Soon, we’ll be off to Parliament to discuss way more important stuff. More on that exciting adventure coming up.