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Let’s take a trip to DogCat Island…

Let’s take a trip to DogCat Island…

If all the dogs and cats of the USA packed up their belongings in a sack on a stick and settled on their own desert island, DogCat would be the fifth largest consumer of meat in the world. 

As we know, the environmental impact of meat production is enormous: from deforestation to greenhouse gas emissions and water usage. Lots of us hoomans are taking steps to reduce our animal product consumption; whether that’s switching to oat-milk lattes, or ‘meat free Mondays’. Meanwhile, DogCat’s meat-fuelled rampage against the planet continues, leaving giant carbon pawprints in its wake.

That’s why we chant “ban the bone!” and shout “treat without meat!”

Why put meat into treats, when plants can buy your dogs affection and co-operation just as well? 

If all the dogs in the world went vegan, it would free up land the space of Mexico. More water than all the freshwater in Denmark. And would save more emissions than the UK produces (and we’re not talking about farts)

We’re not saying you should (or shouldn’t) feed your dog 100% vegan, but by switching to meat-free treats, you can help to reduce DogCat’s burden on the planet’s resources.

By choosing to make W’ZIS from plants, we have saved:

3,500 tonnes of Co2 32.5 million meaty treats from consumption 800 million litres of water 

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