Keeping it plastic free

Keeping it plastic free
Let’s talk packaging. A subject that gets us wildly excited. But it’s not all funky designs and cool tins.

In the UK, 8.8 billion pet food pouches end up in landfill every year.

And across the (sadly polluted) pond, the US pet food industry is responsible for producing 300 million lbs of plastic waste annually. Of this, only 99% ends up in landfill and in the ocean. Only 1% of pet food packaging has an environmentally friendly end of life solution.

But we love a good stick and the tree it fell from. We love a doggy paddle in the sea. At one with nature, we put the planet first.

By keeping W’ZIS plastic free, we have avoided putting 3000 tones of single-use plastics into the environment.

Our treat tins are made to be kept rattling; refillable and infinitely recyclable. Designed to be refilled, reused, and re-rattled, when your tin is running on empty, top it up with one of our refill boxes.

Made from cardboard sourced from sustainably managed forests, and printed with an eco friendly ink, our boxes can be chucked straight into your curb-side paper recycling bin.

Think you spy some plastic on our Fangs & Dubya chews? Think again, the windows on the boxes are covered with a plant-based cellulose, which is compostable.
When pooch has chomped their way through their chews, peel the cellulose window off the box and pop it on your compost heap (don’t have one? Check out your local community composting schemes or try the ‘Trench Composting’ method - pooch can help you dig a 6 inch hole in the garden in which to bury your compostable waste)
“A Brighton based company that has it all right. Their branding is superb and their dog treats are tasty and come in tin containers to increase their sustainability.
Very effective dog chews and dental treats too.”
— Sustainable Pet Food Association
W’ZIS - reducing your pooch’s carbon pawprint for a more sustainable future.

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