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Scratch that hypoallergenic itch

Scratch that hypoallergenic itch
Just like us hoomans, dogs can have food allergies too. Chicken, beef and dairy are common allergens for sensitive bellies. Grains and gluten too.

The symptoms of which can be uncomfortable and distressing for the both of you. Itchy skin, ear & paw infections, swelling, and tummy troubles. 💩

And while your vet may have prescribed a depressing-looking hypoallergenic food for your intolerant pooch - what about treats? Some pet parents overlook the allergens in li’l titbits, thinking “a little bit can’t hurt”. While others play it too safe and don’t treat poor pooch at all 💔

This is NOT the W’ZIS way!

We wanted to make treats that were both scrumptious and healthy for all pooches; The plant-based ones. The ones with sensitive tummies. The ones watching their weight. The ones with pancreatitis, diabetes or other issues.

So we made it our mission to make hypoallergenic treats that are meat-free, sugar-free, grain-free, gluten-free. Low in fat and low in protein. And light in purine - to ensure no dog left behind.

So what IS them then?

Only good stuff. Sweet potato flour and dried veggies. A little sunflower oil and some 100% natural preservatives.

“My Boston has sensitivities to pretty much all meat proteins. These are one of the only treats we can use as high value that won't leave her scratching all night”
— Ralph

Not only useful for maintaining a healthy weight, our 0.5% fat, low protein treats also promote a healthy pancreas and healthy kidneys.

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