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Vegan Dog Chews

Healthy, longer-lasting plant-based chews

Two big chews with two different jobs to do.

Suitable for dogs from only 4 months, our hypoallergenic chews are made with natural ingredients. They’re a bigger bite, The Dubya lasts longer and The Fang aids dental hygiene.

The Dubya

Our biggest chew comes in two flavours, smoky and nutty. Designed to carry a dog-friendly paste The Dubya is the perfect treat to keep your pooch happy while you kick back and enjoy a little R&R. 

Shop Dubya Lights

Dubya Lights (Smoky)

With natural smoke essence for a smoky bacon smell (think frazzles). Comes in a box of 8 for small and medium dogs and a box of 4 thicker Dubyas for larger dogs. 

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Dubya Groove (Nutty)

Flavoured with peanut butter, what’s not to like. Comes in a box of 8 for small and medium dogs and a box of 4 thicker Dubyas for larger dogs. 

The Fang

The Fang is our dental chew, shaped to scrape those teeth and tickle their gums. The regular Fang comes in our most popular flavour Postman & Roast, while out Fruity Fresh Fang is laced with fennel, parsley and coconut oil for fresh breath and healthier teeth. 

Shop oaky smoky fang

Smoky Fangs (Box of 12)

The Oaky Smoky Fang is a hot favourite among our pack of W’ZIS-ers. With natural smoky essence, dried tomato and sweet potato, they get all the flavour with the teeth cleaning benefits of our unique Fang profile.

Shop Fruity fresh fang

Fruity Fangs (Box of 12)

This handsome fella comes packed with extra goodness. Fennel, parsley and apple to make their breath smell good. And coconut oil for teeth health.

No meat treats

There are so many benefits to our plant-based treats and chews. First of all, they are healthy, and secondly, they are kind animals and the planet. Less obvious, they smell pretty good, so they are kind to your hands, your pockets and your overall social status.

Here is a quick reference guide for normally active dogs’ daily calorific requirements. If you’d like a more precise number, click the link to this dog calorie calculator courtesy of Kurgo.

Small dog<4 kg226 cals
Medium dog<10 kg450 cals
Large dog<18 kg700 cals
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