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Treat Buster

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Sample everything we have on the menu. It’s the ultimate tasting box for the discerning canine foodie to sniff out their favourite W’ZIS.

Take their chops on a culinary adventure of chewy textures and flavours dogs love: postmen, lamp posts and slippers.

For starters, a little morsel on which to munch. Our bite-sized W treats in our handy Grab&Go boxes - perfect for rattling ’n’ hollering ‘W’ZIS’?.

And of course you’ll get one of our treat tins (a full one, no less) so you can experience the full effect of the iconic W’ZIS Shake.

Never tried our chews? Let your dog choose. We’re serving up a sampling selection of Dubyas and Fangs to put to the test before investing in a full pack.

A little bit of everything 

  • 4 Grab & Go
  • 4 Nutty Dubyas
  • 4 Smoky Dubyas
  • 6 Smoky Fangs
  • 6 Fruity Fangs
  • 1 full tin of Postman & Roast

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Where can I buy W’ZIS?

You can purchase W’ZIS nationwide. The best place to locate your nearest supplier is on our store locator here. If they are too far to travel to, you can always purchase them online.

How many calories are in your treats?

Our small ‘W’ treats are just 1 calorie each meaning you can reward generously.

Are your treats suitable for dogs with dietary issues?

You will always need to consult your vet if in doubt but generally our treats are popular with dog owners whose pooches have allergies, kidney issues or other sensitivities too food.

How do you pronounce W’ZIS? 

“What’s this?” It is what most hoomans say when they treat their dog. It is the treat name that dogs have already heard of.

Can I give W’ZIS treats to my puppy?

We recommend you wait for your pup to reach 4 months (16 weeks).

How long is the shelf life?

We recommend consuming W’ZIS products within 6 weeks of opening as the appealing aroma (to dogs) will start to fade. Due to the very low moisture content, a sealed W’ZIS product will last up to 36 months.

Need to pop out and leave your dog unattended?
Do the W’ZIS scatter and go.

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