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600 Facelicker treats
12 dental Fangs
1000s of pooch smooches


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A bundle for healthy gnashers


12x chunky Fang chews + 6 boxes of Facelicker treats to keep your pooch's piehole clean and healthy.

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Fruity Dental Fang
Facelicker: 6pk
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Fruity Dental FangFruity Dental Fang
Sale price£9.95
Facelicker: 6pkFacelicker: 6pk
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Straight from the pooch's mouth


"Just as tasty as meaty treats, but makes Daddy's morning kisses a much more pleasant experience!"


“Smells delicious and I can confirm they're supaw tasty"


"These are a hit! They got my nose boop of approval!"

W’ZIS Wayz

Never dull brown or bone-shaped.
Boisterous and bouncy, with a big heart.

Plant Based

Healthy, low fat and grain free. Hello animal and planet-friendly treats

1 Calorie Treats

10% of the UK’s dogs are obese and sadly it’s a growing trend


Our treats are free from allergens. Great for pooches with intolerances

Plastic Free

We have avoided 
3000 Kg of plastic going into the environment