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Dog Treats for Healthy Gnashers


Infused with active, natural ingredients to keep your pooch's piehole clean and healthy.

Plant Based Pooch Facelicker Treats from W'ZIS?
Facelicker: 6pk
Facelicker: 6pkFacelicker: 6pk
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W’ZIS Wayz

Never dull brown or bone-shaped.
Boisterous and bouncy, with a big heart.

Plant Based

Healthy, low fat and grain free. Hello animal and planet-friendly treats

1 Calorie Treats

10% of the UK’s dogs are obese and sadly it’s a growing trend


Our treats are free from allergens. Great for pooches with intolerances

Plastic Free

We have avoided 
3000 Kg of plastic going into the environment


Straight from the pooch's mouth


"Just as tasty as meaty treats, but makes Daddy's morning kisses a much more pleasant experience!"


“Smells delicious and I can confirm they're supaw tasty"


"These are a hit! They got my nose boop of approval!"