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W’ZIS Wayz

Never dull brown or bone-shaped.
Boisterous and bouncy, with a big heart.

Plant Based

Healthy, low fat and grain free. Hello animal and planet-friendly treats

1 Calorie Treats

10% of the UK’s dogs are obese and sadly it’s a growing trend


Our treats are free from allergens. Great for pooches with intolerances

Plastic Free

We have avoided 
3000 Kg of plastic going into the environment


Jess Roberts

One of his favourite chews…

He absolutely loves these. Always grabs one and runs off to enjoy in private! One of his favourite chews… and he's tried ALOT!

Matt Adams

Love the treats, the tin and the refill

I was worried our dog wouldn't go for non-meat treats, but wanted to try meat free option. Margot loves them :)

Deanna Nicholson

Meat free with a strong meaty smell

This one has been a big hit with my dog and he loves this flavour – nice strong meaty smell and so useful for training treats. And loads in a tin.